Behind the Roastery


Behind the Roastery: Unveiling the Art of Coffee Bean Roasting

Coffee, that magical elixir we cherish each morning, undergoes a captivating transformation before it graces our cups. Join us on an aromatic journey into the heart of the roastery, where beans evolve from raw and green to the rich, flavorful gems that delight our senses.

The Roasting Magic Begins

The story commences as green coffee beans are ushered into the roastery. These unroasted beans, akin to blank canvases, are about to be infused with life, character, and flavor. The roasting process is where the alchemy of coffee truly unfolds.


From Green to Gold

The roaster, a modern-day wizard, expertly navigates temperature and time to orchestrate the beans’ transformation. The beans pirouette within the roaster, their colors changing from green to a golden hue, releasing a mesmerizing aroma that fills the air. This aromatic symphony heralds the birth of complex flavors.

The Dance of Roasting Profiles

Roasting is a ballet of time and temperature, and different profiles create unique taste notes. A light roast dances with brightness and floral undertones, while a medium roast reveals a balanced symphony of flavors. A dark roast, bold and intense, presents smoky richness.

Unleashing the Flavors

As the beans exit the roaster, they embark on a journey of self-discovery, releasing gases that must be carefully tamed. It’s a dance of degassing, and skilled roasters master this art to ensure each cup is a masterpiece.

Vigorre’s Roastery: Where Mastery Meets Flavor

At Vigorre Coffee, our roastery is a sanctuary of artistry and precision. Our master roasters, akin to coffee savants, craft each batch with care, unlocking the full potential of the beans. We believe that great coffee is an art form, and our roastery is the canvas where flavor and aroma come to life.

Adding Value to Your Cup

Every step of the roasting journey at Vigorre is a testament to our commitment to excellence. From selecting the finest beans from across the globe to artfully roasting them to perfection, we ensure that your coffee experience is unparalleled. Our diverse range of roasts caters to every palate, from those who prefer a bright morning brew to those who crave a bold and intense cup.

Conclusion: Sip the Artistry

The journey behind the roastery is a mesmerizing blend of science and artistry, where beans become masterpieces. With Vigorre, you’re not just sipping coffee; you’re savoring the culmination of centuries of knowledge and passion. Join us in this flavorful journey and experience coffee like never before.

Ready to explore the artistry of coffee roasting? Discover our range of expertly roasted coffee beans and elevate your coffee experience.


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Vigorre Coffee was founded by passionate group of travelers who explored coffee cultures all over the globe. Our mission is to bring you premium coffee without the premium price tag. Savor excellence, without the excess.

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